19th of May | The Freelance Qommunity Coworkday

Qommunity Co-workday!


On the 19st of May The Freelance Qommunity will hold their monthly Co-workday at The Sweet Spot. The theme is Only projects who bring you energy, a workshop by The Hague host Ninarosa. It’s look so easy, finding only projects and client who give you energy. You will be amazed how much you in the end do because you need to. In this workshop Ninarose will show you where you energy is “leaking”. At the end of the day we will close off with beers from Eiber Beer The Hague ! All and all an inspiring and fun day to join!

The program will be:

  • 09:00 till 13:00 co-working
  • 13:00 – 13:30 lunch moment | time for a break
  • 13:30 – 14:15 Workshop “Only projects who give energy” by Ninarosa
  • 14:30-17:00 co-working
  • 17:00-18:00 time for drinks sponsored by Eiber Beer


This is what you will learn/do:

Enjoy working on your own tasks and checking off to do’s in the morning and afternoon.

Bring your own lunch (or pick it up at one of the restaurants in the street), enjoy lunch together with Qollegas.

It seems very simple to find the projects and people that drain your energy, but you’d be surprised how many things you actually do ‘because you have to’. It crept in. In the mini workshop that we do together after lunch, we will map out where your energy is leaking now. And more importantly: how do you eliminate these tasks + do more of what you do get energy from?

We will end the day with socializing and with delicious hometown brew Eiber Beers!

🍺 Eiber beer
We are spoiled with delicious Hague beers during the drink! Eiber beer already describes itself as ‘good drinkers, full of flavour’. Purely Hague, because in every beer they make a connection to our favorite city, for example by adding a special local ingredient. Can you guess how the name ‘eiber’ is related to The Hague?

For Whom?

All freelancers & members are welcome, including people outside Qommunity! Seasoned entrepreneurs, starting freelancers, part-time freelancers, creatives, accountants, webshop owners. it’s a nice, useful and interesting day for everyone. We like it when freelancers come who are not yet members of Qommunity, but for whom Qommunity could be interesting, so be sure to invite these great guys!